Thursday, June 30, 2011

party in the USA.

planet blue's festive lookbook just in time for the fourth of july!! 
america baby



my latest inspiration courtesy of the LF lookbook...



so this palette is basically a compilation of every amazing eye color...right?!?

Naked Palette by Urban Decay

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


yes these shoes are real-life. at 1000$ couldn't we just put them in a nice display box as a piece of art around the house? 
but really...


it's a free app on your iphone and if you don't have an iphone then now you reallyy need to get one! it's a photo sharing appplication but you can edit all your photos to look super cool. search misspromiscuous for me!

here are my two latest posts

me in my new sandals, already in love

sally hansen nail art i did a week ago that is still perfect!



found this on the free people blog which is super cute by the way (look to your left for the link)
this quote definitely sums up how i live my life...what about you?


Monday, June 27, 2011

and more purchases :)

so i went shopping for a little bit with my friend jenny and of course had to go in h&m but also went into forever 21. i hadn't been in there foreverrrr but ended up finding super cute items! 

i ended up getting a tunic (which i couldn't find a pic of) and a staple black  blazer at h&m

and i got a cute, trendy pair of beaded sandals and a silk romper at f21 for like 20$ each such a good deal!


um so obsessed with this Leather Satchel Co. neon yellow "dayglo" bookbag...
can you say classic and oh so chic? 
in loveee


Thursday, June 23, 2011


now who doesn't like getting a designer shoe look alike for only 140$?

Alejandro Ingelmo for Chris Benz:

Jeffrey Campbell Darian Wedge:

hmmm what a strange similarity...
but we're into it


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

new planet blue lookbook!

so here are some of my favorites from planet blue's latest lookbook: welcome to the doll house! loving the amazing jewelry in this one...


Tuesday, June 21, 2011


so i just went to barnes and noble while i was home in san diego this weekend since i just finished my fourth book this summer (it's only been a month) and decided to go buy the entire series of game of thrones. yes i am addicted to the HBO series and haveeee to find out what happens next. all four of the books combined equal a doable 3500 pages. so i decided to buy a nook and save myself carrying around the 4 pound books and they're also cheaper on the nook! 
here's a pic of the new one and it's even lighter than my iphone!

i'm already loving it! 



this song literally gives me the chills when i listen to it, which happens to be on repeat about 5 times in a row. do it, trust me it's just sooooo good.

biffy clyro- many of horror (when we collide)

and here's another good one i'm also loving..hopefully i'll get to go to their concert in LA :)

naked and famous- young blood


the most adorable trendy sunglasses for 18$, i don't think we could ask for much more


DIY: studded converse

studded converse! in one of the blonde salad's posts she's wearing these amazing studded hightop converse (see picture) which i later found out were over 300$!! crazy expensive... i started researching and found that i could easily make them myself for muchhhh cheaper! here's the steps and the picture of her amazing shoes!

Tools needed:
-a pair of Converse (of course!);
-about 120 studs;
-a pen;
-a ruler;
-a pincer.
1)Sign the points where you are going to pierce the shoe. You can start from the two lateral holes: sign one point in the middle of these and count 1.5cm/0.6 inches distance to make the others.
In this way you create the first line of studs, do the same for the second line too.
2)Put the point of the second line between the underneath ones.
3)Insert the studs in the holes and open the "wings" inside the shoe; be careful and open them perfectly, otherwise it's going to hurt you!