Monday, April 11, 2011

music of the moment

i have not added music to my blog in awhile because most the music right now is pretty terrible...anywaysss britney's new cd came out and its amazing!!! here are my favorites along with a couple other songs i'm listening to
britney spears-gasoline
britney spears-i wanna go
the limousines-internet killed the video star


and yes by stalking i am referring to my insane online shopping (or should i say looking) addiction. i honestly can't get enough of planet blue right now...especially their styling on their site. here are some outfits i'd love to steal right out of their store...

 for the record...vanessa hudgens is killing it in the styling department
can i just have her closet please???

xoxo misspromiscuousandjealous

yay to a new month

so although april is just as hectic as march was it is my last full month at school as a sophomore!! scary to say the least. this past friday i went to lucky shops la with my sister and gold some amazinggg gold jewelry pieces by gorjana and a gorgeous ring by Pade Vavra
here are some pictures!

yayy so excited!!!