Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DIY: studded converse

studded converse! in one of the blonde salad's posts she's wearing these amazing studded hightop converse (see picture) which i later found out were over 300$!! crazy expensive... i started researching and found that i could easily make them myself for muchhhh cheaper! here's the steps and the picture of her amazing shoes!

Tools needed:
-a pair of Converse (of course!);
-about 120 studs;
-a pen;
-a ruler;
-a pincer.
1)Sign the points where you are going to pierce the shoe. You can start from the two lateral holes: sign one point in the middle of these and count 1.5cm/0.6 inches distance to make the others.
In this way you create the first line of studs, do the same for the second line too.
2)Put the point of the second line between the underneath ones.
3)Insert the studs in the holes and open the "wings" inside the shoe; be careful and open them perfectly, otherwise it's going to hurt you! 


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