Wednesday, July 20, 2011

DIY: pink isabel marant lace up shorts

i have been looking for a pair of these shorts everywhere!! even ones that look similar to them but thanks to couturelust i now know how to make myself a pair for a fraction of the cost!
here's a picture of the shorts i am talking about...

now here's how to make them!

you will need:
- a pair of pink denim shorts (well of course, any color will do!)
- a hole puncher made for fabrics (if you don’t have one.. there are other options i will discuss below)
- 6mm grommets (or eyelets); i used 6 (3 on each side.. but calculate based on how many holes you want)
- about 2 yards of laces
- something to mark your denim with (sharpie, you will be punching out the mark anyways)

here's pictures of her end product! it looks basically identical for a total of 27$...yea im definitely going to make myself a pair


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