Tuesday, October 18, 2011

latest purchases!

So sorry I have been MIA! School is taking over my life along with my need to keep up with all my friends...being social can be prettyyy hard (haha) 

I just visited San Francisco which was amazing! Beautiful weather and crazy good shopping (of course) 


I got the most adorable and versatile black silk trousers 
plain black skinny belt with gold buckle
brown snakeprint dress
cashmere zip scarf/skirt (such a different piece!) seen here on Cheyenne meets Chanel!
long sleeve black peplum top

there were no pictures of anything online! :(


black zip up shorts...perfect for going out!


gold sequined strapless dress...perfect for the holidays!


So my aunt came in to town today and we went to lunch at this unnamed sushi restaurant on melrose that literally has the freshest sushi I have ever had
So delicious!
but of course we went shopping later and did some damage at barney's looking for chunky sweater for Vienna in the spring!

I am literally a die hard Vince fan when it comes to sweaters and anything comfy

chunky hooded camel sweater (literally like heaven)

super soft ribbed thin long sleeve sweater 

so for the finale....

drum roll please!

the new iPhone 4S

so now I can take pretty pictures of everything I am talking about

AHHHH I'm SO excited!!!

sorry for my absence!!! 

enjoy :)


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